Marcelo Borodowski



Marcelo Borodowski graduated as a master builder and obtained with honors his bachelor in Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires. Since 1993, Marcelo has been involved in the architecture field and formed a consulting company in design and real estate development services. He later completed his master's degree in real estate development in Buenos Aires from the Madrid Politecnica University. In 2002, Mr. Borodowski moved to Miami, Florida to form G&D Developers Miami as subsidiary of G&D Developers Argentina. From 2002 until today, he has developed residential and office condominiums. Mr. Borodowski structured distressed property acquisitions in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Mr. Borodowski participated in the Senior Executive Program sponsored by the University of Navarra school of business. Mr. Borodowski is responsible for overseeing all financial, operation and accounting aspects of the company including investor, finance and banking relations.